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25 Years in Business with Ultraframe


In a celebration of enduring partnership and shared success, Premier Frames and Ultraframe commemorate a remarkable 25-year collaboration that has shaped the landscape of the UK’s conservatory and home improvement industry. This quarter-century milestone highlights the steadfast relationship between these two industry stalwarts and underscores their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Further enriching this partnership, Stratus Lantern Roof proudly supply and install Ultraframe Roof Lanterns, leveraging Ultraframe’s cutting-edge roof lantern technology to offer homeowners unparalleled aesthetic appeal and performance.

This press release delves into the illustrious journey of Premier Frames, from its inception in a small Leicester unit to becoming one of Ultraframe’s largest and most dynamic fabricators. The narrative weaves through the evolution of Premier Frames, highlighting their pivotal role in fabricating over 40,000 Ultraframe roofs and their expansion into a comprehensive provider of Ultraframe products, including the innovative hup! building system. Through reflections from founders and directors and accolades from Ultraframe’s leadership, the release paints a picture of a partnership built on a foundation of mutual growth, adaptation, and a forward-looking vision.

Join us as we celebrate this significant anniversary, honouring a relationship that has not only stood the test of time but has also been a beacon of progress and excellence in the home improvement sector.

Press Release

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of home improvement and architectural innovation, Premier Frames, a venerable Leicester-based company, recently celebrated a landmark 25th anniversary – a testament to their enduring commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry. This special occasion was marked by a visit to Ultraframe, their principal supplier, symbolising a partnership foundational to Premier Frames’ success and growth.

Since its inception in 1998, Premier Frames has distinguished itself as not merely a fabricator but as a beacon of innovation and quality, having crafted over 40,000 Ultraframe roofs. Their expertise spans the entire Ultraframe product range, extending to aluminium windows and doors through their sister company, Innovation Aluminium, thereby positioning Premier Frames as a key player across most of the UK.

The visionary leadership of Founder Dean Ward, alongside Directors Josh Ward and Andy Berrington, has been instrumental in steering Premier Frames from its humble beginnings in a modest Leicester unit to becoming the region’s premier Ultraframe trade fabricator. Dean Ward’s reflections on their journey highlight a relentless pursuit of excellence, a hands-on approach, and a deep understanding of conservatory design, fabrication, and installation. This approach established them as a trusted partner to local installers and laid a robust foundation for their expansive growth.

Today, Premier Frames stands at the forefront of embracing innovative solutions, notably Ultraframe’s hup! building system. This venture into off-site constructed products represents a strategic response to changing homeowner expectations and demands, positioning Premier Frames as pioneers in a burgeoning market. The enthusiasm with which installers are returning to the hup! system, drawn by its efficiency and versatility, underscores Premier Frames’ ability to lead through innovation.

Mick Rowley, Ultraframe’s Head of Fabrication and Trade Intermediary Sales, commends Premier Frames for their commitment to the latest technology, exemplary service and enduring partnership. As Premier Frames looks ahead, the foundation laid over the past 25 years with Ultraframe promises a future with opportunities for growth, innovation, and continued excellence.

As Premier Frames celebrates this impressive milestone, it is clear that their journey is far from over. The next 25 years beckon with the promise of new challenges, opportunities, and the continued evolution of a partnership that has set the standard in the industry. Here’s to Premier Frames, a true exemplar of dedication, innovation, and success.

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Pictured from left to right – Josh Ward, Dean Ward, Julian Slade (Ultraframe CEO), Andy Berrington, Mick Rowley (Ultraframe).