Flat Skylights For Kitchen Extensions from Ultrasky

Flat Skylight in Kitchen Extension

As part of Complete Roof Solution, we have all the necessary experience and knowledge to help you choose the right Flat Skylights to match your needs and preferences. 

Available in bespoke sizes and colours for a touch of style, these rooflights are the perfect way to create a contemporary look of your extension or orangery by letting more natural light inside your home.


Flat Skylights Features

Easy To Install

Due to the use of click-it-frames, the installation process is very simple. In one single step, these roof lights are 50% quicker to fit than any other alternative options.

Great Heat Retention

With a warm frame technology built-in, your home can trap inside more natural warmth. This also means lower heating bills and a better carbon footprint.


These flat skylights come with an innovative noise-reducing glass, which lowers the noise up to 34 decibels.


The aluminium surround makes the rooflights very secure even during extreme weather conditions thanks to their rigid material.


No leaks and prevention of damp spots, rotting, water damages and excessive draughts running through the extension or orangery.

Retrofit Option

If you are not too keen on tearing down a current extension, having the option to fit your skylights as a retrofit might be the right choice for you.

Excellent Design

Flat skylights have a great aesthetic once installed due to their frameless glass design, which means that no aluminium surround can be visible from the inside. They are also available in standard colours (black – grey – white), and in bespoke RAL colours.

For more information, check out Ultrasky Flat Skylights and the Price & Order Form

If you are unsure which flat skylights are the right ones for you, contact us today and let our friendly team help you make the right decision for your home.